David Tinney
David Tinney

The Telemarketing Lead

Every company needs to prepare a telemarketing lead list if they want to expand it's clientele. Some business houses even hire teams of telemarketers to organize telemarketing lead lists. Only experienced and professional telemarketers can offer you resourceful telemarketing lead lists. As a business entrepreneur, you need some valuable telemarketing leads to help your business. But you will have to be careful while choosing any telemarketing lead management firm.

It's advisable that you should carry out extensive research to find which ones are the most reliable. The telemarketing firm should have vast experience to offer you perfect telemarketing lead lists. Ideal telemarketing lead lists should comprise of fresh and productive leads capable of spreading business goals. The lists are prepared on the basis of calls and interviews.

The lead generating company will first interact with your prospective clients. It carries out a widespread survey of your potential clients, and forwards all the necessary information to you. On the basis of their research work, you will be going ahead with your business deal. So, the significance of telemarketing lead lists is immense. If you want your business to move ahead in the right direction, you will have to concentrate on coming up with useful telemarketing lead lists.

Telemarketing Basics

All the techniques that can make a sales person great in person, rarely works on the phone. For example, a face-to-face sales presentation involves visual contact, which involves body language, facial expressions and other non-verbal cues. Usually, there is no time limit to a normal sales presentation, allowing the customer and sales person to work free of heavy time pressure. However, telemarketing roles have an average call duration between 3 and 10 minutes.

How can you succeed in telemarketing without going crazy? Here are a few factors that many telesales people should seriously consider in order to be more effective:

Time management. Take control of your own time. Limit your breaks and be aware of what time it is. Break your day into 1 or 2 hour bursts and set goals to how many calls you make per burst. Once you've finished a burst, remind yourself it is over and start fresh on a new one.

Call quality. To be successful in telemarketing, you need to consider three attitudes. Firstly, you need to be proactive. This means that you don't get upset by the unpleasant customer you spoke to earlier, you forget the last call and the next call and concentrate on the call at hand. It may be your 50th call of the day but it's still your customers first.

Objective focus. Ask yourself, "Why am I making a telephone sales call?" Quite simply, it is to make a sale. Never forget this, however the call goes. Ask for the business wherever you can because telesales is usually more transactional as opposed to consultative. You can present your products after you've asked the qualifying questions to find the customer needs.

Target driven. Break your yearly target down into monthly ones, your monthly ones down into weekly ones and your weekly ones into daily ones. Once you have that daily target, you now have an easier benchmark to hit. Scoring daily will keep you focused on your target goals much easier.

Working The Telemarketing Lead List

Some people are naturally good on the phone while others need to work at it. Here are some key skills and qualities you need in order to be good on the phone. You only need to be weak in one or two of these areas to undermine your performance on the telephone.

A clear voice. Talking slower and in a lower pitch has also been found to yield better results than fast, high pitched talking

Self belief. You should be confident in what you say and deliver. Just as dogs can smell fear, prospects and contacts can smell 'unbelief' and lack of conviction.

A good smile. Sounds funny, but 'smile while you dial' works. People can tell if you're smiling, and joy is infectious!

Patience. You could be the wrong idea at the right time. You could be the right person with the wrong deal. For a hundred reasons, they may not be ready for you now, or see what you see as quickly as you want them to see it. Business relationships are a long term game, not a one night stand.

Resilience. You'll get knocked back, insulted, shouted at, ignored, bored to death and rejected. Everyone does. The ones who can bounce back are the ones who tend to be the most successful in the long term.

Organization. Get your desk sorted, your database sorted, your diary sorted and your time management nailed. You can't build and maintain relationships without investing time, and that means getting organized.

Reading people. You might say this is hard to do on the phone. But if you're honest, you can tell when people are busy, when they're stressed or what kind of a mood they're in. Make it a skill that you can gauge people's reactions and responses and your phone calls will be much more productive!

Closing skills. Can you ask the courageous questions or do you fudge round the issues? If you can't, all of your relationship building counts for nothing but good feelings.

Persistence. Can you keep going until you hear a 'no'? Resilience is bouncing back. Persistence is keeping going, through rough days, through tough times, through lean periods. Research shows that 48% of people stop after the 2nd call and most give up after the third. However, there is a 68% success rate on the 4th call.

Your success on the telephone will have a direct effect on your company's success in implementing it's telemarketing lead list.

It's not always possible for the companies to set up a team of telemarketers and assign the team to generate utility business leads. That's why more and more telemarketing companies are coming up to cash in on the opportunity. If you are running a business and want to realize the full potential you need to have exquisite telemarketing lead lists. The lists will offer all the required ingredients to make your business more profitable.