Now available, the 2010 Tax Guide...

Tax season is almost need the new 2010 tax guide. It's available in book form and online also. Tax laws change from year to year, therefore you need the current year's tax guide.

Two of the most popular tax guide for 2010 are Bankrate's 2010 Tax Guide and Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2010. The IRS also publishes a free online tax guide and can be found at this url:

Highlights of any tax changes for the current tax year please can be found in the "What's New" section of the Form 1040 Instructions, the Form 1040A Instructions, or the Form 1040EZ Instructions. You may also refer to Publication 553, Highlights of the Current Year Tax Changes. Remember, this information is effective for the current the tax year only and with the tax guide you'll be fully informed on all the changes for the current tax year.

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