Korean Cuisine



David Tinney

Korean cuisine is growing in popularity throughout the USA and Canada. Korean restaurants can be found in every major city. Why? Korean food tastes great and is healthy, too. I enjoyed my first Korean cuisine years ago on a visit to Angeles City, Philippines. Each night, we would eat out at a different restaurant, food was relatively inexpensive. My favorite was a Korean restaurant near the main gate of Clark Air base.

Since then, I've eaten Korean in many restaurants around the USA and a few in London and Ukraine. Of late, I've been preparing my own Korean cuisine from recipes I've gathered from various places. Now you can enjoy these delicious recipes for yourself.

 Korean Kimchi - Kimchi, sometimes spelled 'kimchee', is a basic staple of the Korean diet. Typically, you'll hear it described as pickled or fermented cabbage, but there are many different ways to make this tasty and healthy dish. Kimchi is served at practically every meal.

 Korean Barbecue - Korean barbecue is a favorite dinner meal. It's generally prepared with less oil than Chinese and just as tasty as well as healthful.

 Korean Kalbi - Korean kalbi, often referred to in the west as barbecue, is another main dish. It is usually grilled but can be fried or broiled.

 Korean Pork - Two great recipes for pork, one original, the other spicy for those who like it hot.

 Korean Soup - Soup is basic to the Korean diet and there are many different kinds of soup, a few of my favorite recipes are here.

 Korean Rice - Rice, the bread and butter of Asia. Here are a few really good recipes for your enjoyment.

 Korean Restaurants - Find a Korean restaurant near you. Address and phone number of the most popular Korean restaurant in the USA.