David TinneyHi! My name is David Tinney and I want to help you become a savvy passenger. I've been in the travel industry since 1991 as an owner of a travel agency and an active travel agent. The travel industry has been in major upheavel since the mid ninties and has changed dramatically. You, as a ticket-paying passenger need to be informed in order to make the best travel decisions for yourself.

I was sitting and watching the scenery go by, daydreaming. The sun was just about to go down as the train headed east toward my destination. My partner was sitting across from me, sipping a hot cup of tea.

We talked a while longer, the sun finally set and I grew sleepy.

And what I enjoyed most was sleeping on the train. I was safe, snug and cozy tucked away in my compartment, called a coupe'. Finally, the gentle rocking rhythm of the train sent me into a deep sleep.

We arrived at our destination early the next morning. I was rested and refreshed, ready to conduct the business meeting I had planned.

Travel by train is almost dead in America, but its alive and well in Europe. In fact, most Europeans travel by train as opposed to airlines.

Why is this? Because travel by rail is much more economical and time efficient.

Considering the fact that cities in Europe a closer together, as well as nations for that matter, it takes less time to catch a train than to bother with an airline. Especially since September 11th, 2001, airport security is much tighter and it takes longer for check-in, etc.

What's really great for visitors to Europe is the availability of rail passes, tickets that allow you to travel by rail a certain number of days in a given period of time. These passes are available for up to 30 days and allow you to visit up to 17 different countries in Europe!

Rail passes are excellent for vacations where multiple cities and countries are to be visited. For more than 65 years, EURail Europe has been providing rail passes to Americans wishing to see Europe economically.

Visit their website and get more information on the vast selection of passes, including:

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