David Tinney, International Travel Agent

Education in the Art of Budget Travel

Hi, my name is David Tinney. I've been in the travel industry since 1991 as an agency owner and active agent as well. My company, Adventure Travel Service was formed that year and we've had an online presence since 1995. We are one of the older online agencies in America.

In 2002, I published my first ebook, Why Not Fly for Free, describing the strategies I use to get free airline tickets. The ebook also reveals travel industry secrets about ticket prices, how the airlines have duped the public with massive advertising and other little known secrets of the industry.

Listed below are travel articles that will interest you as a passenger on commercial flights. You'll learn how to get cheap airline tickets, how and where to get the best airline deals and other travel saving tips.

Travel Information to Save YOU Time and Money

Travel is a multi billion dollar industry. Those who travel are contributing their money to the ever enlarging industry. If you can learn some tips and strategies to save money when you travel, it will benefit you the most.

Travel ebooks authored by David Tinney:

Rock Bottom Airfares

Why Not Fly Free

Your Own Travel Biz