Interim Final Rule: Hours of Service of Drivers

FMCSA amends the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations effective December 27 to allow commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers up to 11 hours of driving time within a 14-hour, non-extendable window from the start of the workday, following 10 consecutive hours off duty (11-hour limit). This interim rule also allows motor carriers and drivers to restart calculations of the weekly on-duty time limits after the driver has at least 34 consecutive hours off duty (34-hour restart).

In essence, this ruling indicates that the HOS regulation remains unchanged until further notice. However, there are arguments presented both for and against the ruling by several public safety advocate groups including Public Citizen, ATA, OOIDA, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, among others. Some of the groups argue that the FMCSA actions not only violate the courtís July orders to amend the regulation, but also fail to comply with administrative rulemaking procedures by not allowing the public to comment on the interim rules. Others support the interim ruling stating that the regulations are working as intended. Some measures, such as speed limiters and electronic on board recording devices may be among the changes we will see come about as a result of these arguments.

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