David TinneyMy favorite vegetable side dish with steaks I've cooked over charcoal is grilled asparagus spears. I came across this delacasy several years ago on board a British Airways flight from chicago to London. I was sitting in Business class, lucky me, and they served a delicious meal consisting of filet mignon, grilled asparagus and green salad.

I sampled the grilled spears and, wow!, were they ever tasty. I asked the stewardess how the asparagus was prepared and she explained how the spears were simply grilled over a hot fire. I cannot believe I had missed out on this healthful and tasty treat all those years.

Now, no steak is ever cooked on my grill unless acompanied by a generous amount of grilled asparagus spears on the side. Below is my favorite way to grill asparagus spears when I barbecue.

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Grilled Asparagus

1 pound asparagus spears
1 cup olive oil
garlic salt

Rinse asparagus spears and snap off the root ends of the spears. Generously coat spears with olive oil. I use a deep platter for this. Remove asparagus and sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper to taste. Place over hot grill and cook each side approximately 3 minutes or so. Don't overcook. Spears will turn a dull green when overcooked, they should be hot but still crunchy.

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