Gold Chocolate Coins

Wrapped in gold foil chocolate coins are in the shape of a half dollars and quarters. They make fine gifts for bussiness associates, employee wards or anytime you want to present a gift of excellence.

Chocolate has always been considered an exquisite gift, considered the "food of the gods" in ancient times. Impress your best clients with gold chocolate coins, they'll always remember your fine taste.

Here is an idea how you can use gold chocolate coins as a wedding favor. Go to your local discount store, Target or Dollar General for example. Purchase some small containers, such as, tiny wicker baskets or straw hats, egg cups, candle holders, flat shells, small filigree metal boxes, decorated wooden boxes, coffee mugs, wine glasses or small decorative dishes to put your chocolate gold coins in. Your guests will be impressed by your unique but inexpensive favors.

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