What Wal-Mart Can Teach Us About Marketing

What can a trip to Wal-Mart teach us about marketing on the Internet? More than you might think!

Most of us have shopped at Wal-Mart at one time or another. Some of us are big Wal-Mart fans while others are "secret shoppers" who duck in to grab a low price when no one is looking.

No matter how you feel about Wal-Mart, you experienced three things while you were there that are very good marketing.

Low Prices

This is of course Wal-Mart's claim to fame. When Sam Walton started the company, his focus was lower prices, period.

Sure, he was friendly and that was good for business. But it was peoples' pocketbooks that kept them coming back, and he was smart enough to know it.

Is your price better than your competitors price?

If so, say *that* in your headline and about 50 times in your sales letter too, then watch as sales increase.

Huge Selection

The next thing that Wal-Mart does right is offer you a huge selection. This is no accident.

They know that keeping you in the store longer means a bigger average ticket, and that is their goal.

It's amazing to see the stuff people walk out of Wal- Mart with. You just know they didn't have all of that on their list when they walked in!

Does your site offer enough information to keep visitors' attention and make the sale?

Strong Guarantee

People want to feel comfortable when shopping. They want to feel safe. Wal-Mart knows this and takes full advantage of it with their very strong guarantee policy, and a customer service center where everyone can see it.

At one time, Sears owned this space in the customers mind with their slogan "Satisfaction Guaranteed". But they didn't keep pace with Wal-Mart's price or selection policies and they are now owned by KMart.

A cautionary tale.

This has been studied many times online, and the conclusion is unquestionable. The stronger the guarantee, the more sales you will make.

Does your site let the visitor know that if they have a problem you promise to make it right?

If so, say that in your sales copy. Whether you use one of those big gold buttons, or a box, or just a big headline-like phrase, be sure to let your visitor know they can feel safe buying from you.

And be sure to restate that very near your order button too.

So how does your site stack up to Wal-Mart? Our sites can be wildly successful without becoming a household name if we will offer super-competitive prices (because the Internet is super-competitive), offer a wide selection, and make our customers feel that there is no problem we can't solve for them.

There you have it ... three simple things that can make your site more powerful and profitable than ever before. Do those things, and watch as your site becomes more profitable month by month.


Charlie Page owns The Directory of Ezines. He will help you succeed online with his Special Reports, membership sites and more. If you need to make more sales, visit Charlie and discover what works in the Real World.


Reprinted with permission.



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