The Big Lie

by Terry Dean

There is a BIG lie circulating on the Internet...and I am going to expose it to you today once and for all. Today, there will be no beating around the bush.

The Truth has to be told.

This Lie is so overwhelming that probably 90% or more of Internet marketers are being taken advantage by it...and it is sapping their potential in business day after day.

I have seen many individuals who do all of the right marketing techniques...and yet it seems like they can never reach a breakthrough in their business. They are currently making money online, BUT they always seem to wonder why they just can't reach the next level in their businesses.

They have a roadblock in their way...a ceiling you may say to the growth of their business. That roadblock is the fact that they do not own their own product or service. They are limited to just being a reseller for someone else.

Being a reseller of other people's products and services can be a very profitable experience. Most businesses actually start out this way, but you should always be looking to create or obtain rights to your own products or services.

The most successful Internet marketers own their product or service. I could name names if I wanted to, but it won't be necessary. STOP right now and think about it for a moment. Think about the people who you consider to be extremely successful marketers.

How many of them own their own products?

Can you name any who don't have their own products? I am not saying that every product in their arsenal is owned by them...Most also resell other people's products or services in their line-up, but they always have that product which is theirs.

You could be given every internet marketing secret out there, but this one factor can limit your success online. Do you have your own product or service...or are you limited to just what other people have available to you.

To simplify this principle even further to make sure you realize exactly what I am saying I am going to tell you the most powerful traffic building technique available: Being Unique!

I could talk to you about free classifieds, free postcards, message boards, chat rooms, and more...all wonderful traffic building tools. We could go into numerous cgi programs which pull traffic to your site. We could even talk about contests, But the ONE thing that does more for your site than anything else is if it is unique or not.

If it is an exact carbon copy of another site there is NO reason for someone to visit your site over the original. They might as well just go straight to the source. The sites who draw traffic have developed their own original theme around a certain subject of interest.

Don't come to me and say, "Terry, I make money as a reseller for so-and-so." I know you do. This article in no way intends to say that you can't make money as a reseller. Many people are making money as resellers. As a matter of fact, I have my own reseller program for people. What I do intend to say is:


Time and time again, people just don't believe that they are able to do something spectacular...They limit themselves to being just another worker for someone else (Although Now they only get paid by commission). They don't have the freedom to be creative and do the things they like.

Chances Are...You're one of them. Are you following your own interests in business? Are you a leader or just a follower in your field?

This article needs to inspire you to action. Do Something. Create your own product or service. Write a book. Record an audio tape. Shoot a video. Create your own newsletter. Start a web service. Do submissions for people. Learn how to write killer ads. Be a private investigator online.

What is it that interests you?


We can't just leave you hanging out in limbo though. I want to show you the secret "millionaires" use to create just the right product or service. Successful product producers approach product or service creation exactly OPPOSITE the way the general population approaches product creation.

The average marketer says, "I have this wonderful product...Now I need to figure out a way to market it." Sometimes they may say, "I have a wonderful product idea...everyone will need this."

Let me tell you a secret a direct marketing millionaire told me not too long ago which completely blew my mind...Are you ready?

"Pick Your Market First, and then let them develop your product!"

Let me explain. Most marketers approach selling like this. They spend months or years creating this wonderful product. Then, they try to find a market to sell it to. Successful marketers find a market...determine their DESIRES...and then give them exactly what they want.

Think about it from an internet perspective. This means that you find people who want to visit websites for _____________. Then, develop a product for those people. This is completely different from developing a product and website in a certain field and then trying to figure out how to get people to visit it.

With the power of the internet, we can immerse ourselves in different markets and do research for free! We can find out what they need. We can poll what they want. Then, we
can start giving people exactly what they want. Call this the "Ultimate" Traffic Building Secret.

Find the traffic...then develop the site. Currently we are looking into several different areas and building up new web domains that focus completely on those areas where people are already looking for information on. In the coming months, I will let you know what they were (I am not revealing any of them yet as many of you crafty characters would try to take my ideas).

You can find a market online. Then, develop what those people are looking for...Don't just thank about how to make money. If you find a market, reveal their Desires, and give them what they want in good marketing fashion, the money will come.

I said look for their desires, not their needs. The fastest way to go broke is trying to sell to people's needs. People buy what they want, not what they actually need in most cases.

Find your market...then create your product.

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