Being an entreprenuer at heart, I'm involved in several business projects and own three brick-and-mortar businesses as well as a steady stream of income from online .

  • Adventure Travel Service, Formed in 1991, a wholesale travel agency specializing in international airline tickets and vacation and honeymoon packages to Hawaii and the Caribbean.
  • Expert Tree Service, Formed to respond to natural disasters, beginning with hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
  • Rescue Signs, Inc, More than a sign company, offering Electronic Message Centers, also known as L.E.D. signs, for improved marketing, communication and sales for businesses in the midwest.

  • Myths & Mysterys to Making Money

    There is no mystery to making money. It takes some hard work, a product or service that people need and a strategic plan to market your product or service. The myths of making money is that its quick, easy and you don't have to do anything. This is simply not true.

    The principles that govern making money in the real world also govern the cyber world. Below are a series of free information articles that will help you develop and market products and services on the internet and in the "brick and morter" world.

    Also included are pertinent articles about Multi-Level Marketing companies and pyramid schemes. The truth needs to be told about these dangerous and deceptive "opportunities". If you're involved in a MLM company or are considering it, please read with an open mind.

    Business Principles

  • How To Recognize A Small Business Opportunity: Six steps that will sharpen your ability to recognize small business opportunities as they arise and increase your self confidence in recognizing small business opportunities. By David Tinney.
  • Small and Home Business Opportunity: Do you have a dream of owning your own business? Most people do but statistics reveal that only about 5% of those with the dream actually take the plunge and start their own business. Learn how to beat the odds and succeed with your dream. By David Tinney.
  • Customers

  • Telemarketing Lead: Specific information how to effectively use a telemarketer lead list, successful tips how to be a better telephone sales person.
  • Customer Acquisition, the Life of Your Business: Your customer acquisition skills will determine your success, learn the art of growing your business one customer at a time.
  • What Happened To Customer Service?: Tips on stopping customer complaints before they start. And, get easy-to-follow tips and advice on dealing with the inevitable disgruntled customer. By Harmony Major.
  • Internet Marketing

  • Profit Models That Generate Income Online: Discover the three basic models for generating income online. By Derek Gehl.
  • Submission Secrets to Google : No one disputes the fact Google is the king of search engines. If you have a web site, its imperative for your success your site is listed in Google. This software, called the key to Google's backdoor, is completely legal and has Google's full blessing. Takes the pain and headeache out of getting your pages inexed in Google. 100% Money back guarantee.
  • Building a Website With Free Content : Content is King has been a true saying for some time, but now, Content Pays Cash is also true. Learn how to build websites that pay rather than cost with free content.
  • What Can Wal-Mart Teach Us About Marketing?: I went to Wal-Mart the other day for something and was impressed again by what a massive marketing machine the store is.
  • The Big Lie About Internet Marketing : The lie which has been circulated around the internet for years dies today. Find out the truth about real profit.
  • How to Create your own Information Products for Fun and Profit: This simple 5 step system can help you start creating your own high profit products today.
  • Success Principles

  • Secret Of Happiness In Life And Business: This is our all-time most popular article which explains why you're still unhappy. By Terry Dean.
  • Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramids

  • Pyramid and MLM scams: It's like swimming in a tank full of sharks when it comes to "opportunities" for the person desiring to break free of working for the other guy.
  • The 10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing: An expose' of the Multi-Level-Marketing industry by expert Robert Fitzpatrick.
  • David Tinney