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Diabetes Nutrition

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Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body cannot use or produce the hormone known as insulin. Without the required amount of insulin in the body you will not be able to convert starchy foods, sugar and other such items in to the required energy for the body to function normally.

Different Types Of Diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes and they are: type 1 diabetes, which usually insulin occurs when the body cannot produce and allows glucose to provide the energy for the same. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body cannot use they insulin available in the body.

Diabetes nutrition is very important as the disease can easily turn fatal and cause kidney and/or heart failure. Here are a few suggestions, which may help you improve your present health state and live your life as normally as possible under the circumstances.

Eat Well And Exercise

Diabetes nutrition is mostly directed around non-starchy foods, vegetable and fruits and high in fiber such as spinach, broccoli or green beans along with your regular meals. Whole grains is yet another item included in the diabetes nutrition along with brown rice, pasta, lentils, fish couple of times a week and lean meats.

Diabetes nutrition will work even better to ensure your good health if you include an exercise in your daily routine as well such as a half hour daily walk or something light done in the comfort of your home. Diatary needs will vary from person to person and therefore it is recommended not to start without consulting your health care provider, doctor or dietician first.

Keeping your weight under control is important when you suffer from diabetes as any other complication can create fatal effects for the same.

Helpful Tip

Checking your daily blood sugar as often as you feel is required is key when you have diabetes and thus, you can control your diabetes nutrition as well. Diabetes can be kept under control and you too can lead a healthy and normal life benefiting from its beauty and pleasure if you understand you disease and make all efforts to accommodate the same in the best possible way.

Check with your doctor for a diabetes nutrition plan and/or your dietician who will be happy to assist and help you with the same. The sooner you understand your disease the better will be for you and your body.