About Chocolate Favors

Chocolate favors are used in a wide assortment of event themes to meet everyone's special occasion. Weddings, showers, baby showers, anniversaries, sweet 16 parties and corporate events are opportunities to impress your special guests with chocolate favors. Everyone agrees chocolate favors are the #1 favor to give.

A gift to your guests should be a reflection of you and how you would like to graciously thank your guests. Chocolate favors are a practical and useful gift that will make a lasting and enjoyable impression to your guests at your very special occasion.

Suggestions for Chocolate Favors

Kids love them, adults love them, and you’ll fall in love with them too! These cute little chocolate favors are very easy and affordable to create on your own. If you purchase chocolate bars in bulk, you can create your own labels with your home computer. Too busy? Have them custom created by your local printer. The candy bars themselves can be milk chocolate with nuts or without nuts. We always suggest nut-free candies, as many people have allergies to certain nuts. Add an image of yourselves and the date of your wedding to each label. Use these chocolate favors as place setters for each guests’ seat!

A Lucky Kiss!

A what? A lucky kiss! Place a scratch-off lottery ticket and a Hershey kiss wrapped in tulle for each guest. Your guests will never expect this scrumptious chocolate wedding favor, as it’s quite unique. Think how happy they’ll be if they’re a winner!

Chocolate Heart Lollipops

You can purchase these little candy favors in bulk. Attach a ribbon with your names and wedding date to each stick. If you’re really on a budget you can make them yourself with a candy mold. It’s easy and it doesn’t require much time.

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

They’re a great accent to any wedding favor, or you can give them as a favor alone with a ribbon that includes your names and the date of your special day. They’re well-loved, as your guests can stir them in their coffee.

Gummi Bears

Nothing fancy here, but everyone loves gummi bears. You can buy them in bulk and wrap them in tulle with embossed ribbon. This is really excellent idea for someone on a tight budget. $30 of Gummi Bears supply approximately 100 guests with candy wedding favors.

Hugs and Kisses Favors

This very inexpensive chocolate wedding favor can simply express your cutest sentiments and make everyone say "awww." Place Hershey Hugs and Kisses into tulle or mesh, tie them with embroided ribbon and a note that reads: "hugs and kisses from Mr. & Mrs. (last name)."

Potted Jelly Beans

Purchase small terra-cotta planters in bulk. (These plant holders are only about 2" in height). Purchase flavored jelly beans in bulk and place them into the plant holder. Wrap them up in mesh, add a embossed ribbon with your names and wedding date. This is a candy favor that will be well embraced by all of your guests.

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