Cosmetic Botox Surgery, Is It A Cure for Aging...

In recent years, Botox, a purified form of the botulism bacteria, has gained a great deal of popularity among patrons of cosmetic surgeons for its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Botox cosmetic surgery reduces the look of wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, neck, and jaw-line.

Botox, or the botulism toxin, actually temporarily paralyzes the muscles of the face, making it impossible for the muscles to contract, or tighten up, causing the wrinkles to form. It is especially effective for the so-called “crow’s feet” around the eyes and the mouth. The relaxing muscles allow the skin to lie flat against the muscles reducing the wrinkles in that particular area.

Other than the fact that you’re injecting a potentially deadly toxin into your face, there really isn’t any. The effect of the injection is localized, so there’s slim-to-no chance of you developing a botulism infection. The effect is temporary, so you won’t have permanently relaxed muscles in your face.

Other than that, because the effects typically last four to six months at a time, it is a relatively easy process as you don’t need to go in very often to get treatments. The average cost of Botox cosmetic surgery is relatively inexpensive as far as plastic surgery goes, especially when compared to a face lift which can be very expensive.

As with most treatments, there are a few side effects to cosmetic Botox surgery, the most notable being some minor swelling and bruising around the site of injection. But, in reality you will get bruising and swelling with just about any injection you receive, regardless of the intent. It typically goes away within a week of the treatment. Also, most people develop a small headache soon after injection, within the same day. It typically goes away within one to two days after the treatment.

Finally, the worst potential side effect of cosmetic Botox surgery is when the treatment causes one eyelid or eyebrow to droop lower than the other. The effect is somewhat unfortunate and counter productive to the final intent of the cosmetic Botox surgery, however the side effect typically goes away within two to three weeks without any other treatment. Other than that, there are few side effects that are associated with this so-called wonder drug which is continually making waves to date. Starting out with wrinkles, Botox is now even combating excessively sweatr palms and underarms. What next?

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