Botox Doctors: Where to Go, Who to Know...

So you’ve decided that the crow’s feet have to go. That beginning of a wrinkle on your forehead is taunting you with its real estate plans, and you’ve decided that Botox is the path for you take. So now the question that is presented is where do you find a Botox doctor?

The answer is simple; plastic surgeons often double as Botox specialists, and nearly all cosmetic surgeons offer Botox injections in the office. Most other doctors, such as your family physician, do not offer Botox injections. Your best bet is to find a cosmetic surgeon in your vicinity and schedule an appointment with him or her to decide if Botox is the best course of action for you.

Where Do I Find a Botox Doctor?

The answer is simple as picking up the phonebook, as this is the natural place to look for a Botox doctor under the guise of a cosmetic surgeon. Chances are that you will not want to travel for your Botox if you don’t have to, and looking in your local phone directory will yield results for you that are in close proximity.

The other source of information on decent Botox doctors is of course, the internet. The internet is a vast source of knowledge and most likely the best way to find out about the best Botox doctors in the area. should be your first stop as it has a doctor finder search that you can limit by state or last name.

The benefit to this is that if you hear of a particular Botox doctor that someone says is great but whose practice has moved, you can use this service to help find him, and schedule an appointment with him. Or, similarly if your particular doctor has moved and you’d like to stay with him, you can use this service to locate him again.

The trick to finding a good Botox doctor is just this—make sure you do your research. Some surgeons have problems in other towns and will open a new practice in a new town to avoid the negative publicity and costly malpractice suits they created for themselves. With something like Botox, it would be foolhardy to dive right in without trying to find out at least a little background information on your Botox doctor. After all it is your face and you wouldn’t want an amateur fly-by-night doctor messing with it.

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