Botox Cosmetic Treatment is Becoming Very Popular...

The increasing popularity of Botox cosmetic treatment is not without good reason as it is very useful in reducing wrinkles and is used on people who wish to dramatically improve their appearance. Mostly, though Botox cosmetic treatment works wonders in smoothing the wrinkles on the face and neck and help create a more youthful appearance. It is also used to remove wrinkles from between the eyes which can dramatically improve the person’s appearance.

Botox cosmetic treatment is very often used on the thin wrinkles that exist around the eyes, which are often referred to as crow’s feet, as also around the mouth and though these are common areas where Botox cosmetic treatment is used, it is also used on other parts such as along the jaw and chin.

Botox cosmetic treatment involves using a solution made from botulinum A, which is a purified protein that is extracted from botulism bacteria and it causes the solution to temporarily paralyze the nerves of the facial muscles so that the muscles won’t contract and thus cause wrinkling in the area that is being treated. In case one is interested in Botox cosmetic treatment they can rest assured that this treatment would be very useful in removing dynamic wrinkles, which are produced by facial movements.

Botox cosmetic treatment is a very simple as well as brief operation in which first the skin is treated with a topical numbing agent or the patient may be sedated and then very minute amounts of Botox cosmetic will be strategically injected in various areas of the face and this is done with very thin needles that do not cause any pain. The Botox cosmetic treatment may take ten to thirty minutes depending on the number of injections required.

Treatment Lasts for Four to Six Months in Most Cases

Once one has undertaken Botox cosmetic treatment, the results would generally be visible within three to five days and even though results may change from case to case the treatment should last between four to six months and if the procedure is repeated, the results would then last longer.

Ideally, the best candidate for Botox cosmetic treatment would be a person who has wrinkles on the face or neck, knows a thing or two about the procedures involved and is in good physical and psychological health. He or she should really wants to improve his or her appearance, have realistic expectations, does not use marijuana or anabolic steroids and also does not use alcohol heavily. Botox cosmetic treatment is not very expensive, but varies from case to case depending on severity and length of treatment.

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