Avoid USDOT Fines & Penalties - Be Compliant!

More than 97% of all USDOT Compliance Reviews result in penalties due to violations. The number one acute violation being improper Drug and Alcohol Testing and the number one critical violation is improper Vehicle Inspection Reports. The number one reason for drivers being placed out of service is Hours of Service violations.

If these are areas you are not sure you are compliant in, then maybe you could use some help. You need the knowledge and confidence to operate your commercial vehicles without the fear of being fined or shut down. There are companies losing money everyday to unnecessary fines and out of service drivers and vehicles because they didn't understand what the USDOT expected of them.

Are you ready to provide documentation showing compliance in these areas?

  • Insurance requirements
  • Insurance documentation
  • Vehicle accident register
  • Vehicle marking
  • Drug & alcohol awareness (required 120 minutes of training)
  • Driver qualification files
  • Driver hiring procedures
  • Hours of service rules
  • Drivers log book audits
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle inspections

Online Trucker Inc. offers informative two-day seminars on DOT regulations keeping you current with the correct interpretations to all of the regulations and what they mean to your operation. Enroll or find out more by dialing 1-877-595-4856 M-F, 8-5 central time. You may send email to info@onlinetrucker.com or visit our website at www.onlinetrucker.com for more information.

The seminars will teach you all about the USDOT regulations and exactly what they mean to your company. You will be provided with up to date examples of the forms and written policies you need to have in place in order to operate legally.

You will also learn about:

  • DOT audit procedures
  • Safety Fitness Ratings
  • How to use the SafeStat Website

Classes are forming now for Nashville TN 12/07, Los Angeles CA 1/08, Jacksonville FL 2/08, Chicago IL 3/08. Get in touch with OnlineTrucker by dialing toll free 1-877-595-4856 or if you are out of the continental U.S., 972-412-3453 M-F, 8-5 central time

Remember: Ignorance is no excuse. Your truck is a big object made out of strong metal or fiberglass and you're the one expected to not only know how to operate your vehicle but to respect and follow the rules of the road. The USDOT will shut you down and access fines if you are out of compliaance. Be informed and get knowledgable about USDOT Compliance regulations.